Quality & service statement

Our English language editing will put a stop to poor language hiding the impact of your research.

Poor and unclear language can obscure the scientific content of articles. If editors and/or reviewers cannot follow the rationale for, or the experimental design of, a study this can mean that the impact of the research that is being described is not clear which could lead to rejection of scientifically valid research.

Before you submit your article to a journal, we can make sure that your research is clearly communicated and presented, and put a stop to poor language hiding the impact of your research.

One round of editing is sometimes not sufficient for manuscripts to reach the level of English required. A second round of editing may be needed if there are places where our editor could not understand your intended meaning and clarification is required. In such cases, our editor will leave comments or suggestions for you during the first round of editing. You can then reply to any comments, make any changes you think might be needed and then return the manuscript for a “2nd (clarification) edit”.

Reviewers sometimes make negative comments about the English used in a paper, even after it has been edited by a native English speaking specialist. Such comments usually relate not to errors but to issues of style, which is a subjective matter. As part of our service, we can also help you address such issues.

We cannot guarantee that your edited paper will be accepted in your target journal because editorial decisions are made according to the acceptance criteria of the specific journal and are based upon the quality of the scientific content of the manuscript. However, we can help you make sure the impact of your work is presented to best effect.

However, if your manuscript is rejected based only or mainly on its English level, providing it has not been changed after our editing, we will re-edit it without further charge.

Furthermore, even when your manuscript has been through the normal first and second rounds of editing, if you are not satisfied we will review your files and continue to work with you to resolve the issue.


Certificate information

The Royal Society of Chemistry certificate of language editing shows that your manuscript was edited by one of our native English speaking subject experts.

You may submit this to your target journal along with your edited manuscript to demonstrate to the journal editors that the language in your paper has been edited by experts to a high standard and that your manuscript is one step further along the path to publication.

Your Royal Society of Chemistry certificate of language editing is proof that your manuscript has been edited to bring the quality of the language up to the standard required to be submitted to an international journal. Because we cannot take responsibility for any changes made to your manuscript that we did not edit, any changes are not covered by the certificate. The certificate will have a verification code, and journal editors will be able to use this code to confirm that the submitted version was edited by our experts.